BeachCon X

4PM - 4/25/15
Cal State Long Beach

Are you Ready to Play?

BeachCon is the annual premier gaming event for students of CSULB and the Long Beach community. Over 300 gamers of all types will gather to compete in tournaments, score amazing prices, and flex their gaming skills. So what can you expect to be there?

Rock Solid LAN Setup


Media Coverage

Console Gaming


Prizes and Freebies

BeachCon is proudly sponsored by

Event Information

PC Gamers
  • Your own desktop / laptop computer
  • Power Cables and a mouse
  • Games - purchased & downloaded
  • Other necessary components
Non PC Gamers
  • Yourself
  • Personal controllers, headsets, fightsticks, etc.
  • If you can help us out by bringing a console or game for use at the event, please let us know!

Find CSULB (Google Maps):

google map

Find the Pyramid / Event Parking (campus map):

campus map

Contact BeachCon

Have a general question? Interested in sponsoring Beachcon? Drop us a line via email or contact us on facebook!